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Musical artist Jesus Moreno found dead

Musical artist Jesus Moreno found dead
Musical artist Jesus Moreno found dead

Jess Moreno, also known as ElReydelPasaje, a Colombian-Venezuelan singer-songwriter recognized for his successes on the Colombian-Venezuelan stages, has died.

Mr. Jess Moreno, often known as “The King of the Waters,” was born in Saman, Apure, on March 18, 1950. José Gregorio Moreno and Catalina Salazar de Moreno were his parents, and he was the eldest of seven siblings.

This multi-talent finally chose his hobby and found as a singer:

Jess Moreno was always engaged in the responsibilities of the plains, such as milking, horseback riding, and other pastimes since he was a child. He decided to study as an industrial mechanical technician in 1972 and later focused on industrial machines, becoming an ordinary technician at the age of 24. Jess Moreno’s music dates back to his teenage years. He began singing as an amateur in every llanera party he could find in 1968, when he was 17 years old, on the “Fiesta Llanera” program, including La Voz de Apure. He stayed for nearly two years, translating Francisco Montoya’s songs when he was one of the most popular singers.

Mr. Saberio Graterol, the proprietor of Lolimar Records, first heard him in 1970 and recorded “Que te perdone el diablo” and “Mi desire,” which were massive hits. Nationally, Moreno earned the nickname “El Rey del Pasaje” in the same year, thanks to Evelio Lvarez, the owner of the company where he worked. Jess Moreno’s next album, “El Rey del Pasaje,” was released later that year. Tissot Silva, the composer, named one of his many successes “Punto Final.” On August 6, 2006, Apureo received the Cultural Heritage Award.

Don Jess Moreno has a more than 50-year career in the arts, winning various honors such as the “Fort de Oro,” “Cucarachero de Oro,” “Naiguatá de Oro,” “Torreón de Oro,” and Diamante.” Alma Llanera” “Honorable Mention.”

Jess Moreno has been working on his next musical project since 2020, a song devoted to “El Rey de Reyes” with memorable songs by legendary composers such as Tirso Silva, Simón Enrique Hidalgo, Terry José Herrera, and others.

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